Cryotherapy in Bakersfield

Injury Recovery

Our Cryotherapy Sauna helps clients with muscle pain, as well as joint pain. Cryotherapy in Bakersfield is new trend but studies show how it can promote faster healing of athletic injuries. Doctors around the world have recommended this form of muscle therapy time after time.

Beauty & Anti-Aging

Our Cryotherapy in Bakersfield helps individuals maintain their physique and overall look. Cryotherapy provides fast and efficient results for tissue, tendon, and muscle recovery leading to a longer-lived healthy life. Come visit the newest cryotherapy center in Bakersfield.

Health & Wellness

Arctic Wellness promotes health and wellness with weightless, anti-aging, muscle recovery, and more. Our staff is filled with the knowledge of Cryotherapy and Float Therapy. Come to Arctic Wellness when looking for a cryotherapy center near you in Bakersfield.


Cryotherapy helps support the process of your weight loss goals by making your body’s metabolism rise. As cryotherapy is known to help with muscle pain, this treatment would allow you to get back into the fitness regime faster and healthier. If you have a pain symptom that is preventing you from being physically active, cryotherapy can help you perform faster.

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