What is float therapy?
Float therapy is where you float in a pod (that is designed for short term sensory deprivation) of salt water that makes you completely buoyant.  The pod water is body temperature with no sound or light for maximum sensory deprivation (unless the floater chooses to play music and have lights on).  Float therapy reduces stress and anxiety, increase circulation, promote relaxation and pain relief, reduce headaches and improve insomnia.

What should I wear?
As bathing suits will create pressure points on the body and will be salty after your float, we recommend you float in the nude.  Your float suite is private.

What if I fall asleep?
It is encouraged to fall asleep in the float pod, one hour of theta rest is equivalent to 4-6 hours of sleep.

Can I drown if I fall asleep?
It is not possible to drown in the float pod, the depth of the solution is 11 inches, and the density of the solution is such that it will always support you, regardless of your size or weight.  If you happened to turn over the salt in the water would sting your eyes and wake you.

What if I can’t swim, can I still float?
Since you are floating, you do not need to know how to swim.

Are there any restrictions on who can float?
You should not float if you are presently ill, have incontinence, diarrhea, kidney problems, epilepsy or have an active skin condition or open wound.  Clients will not be allowed to float if they have Manic Panic hair color products in their hair.  People with severe medical conditions or are pregnant should consult with their physician before floating.  If you have cracked skin, you will want to apply some Vaseline (provided) before entering the float room.

Can two people float in one float pod?
No, floatation therapy is a solitary act, but we do have two float pods if you want to come with a friend.

Can I float when menstruating?
Yes, but please take the same precautions as you would in a public swimming pool and wear a tampon.

Can I float if I am prone to ear infections?
Yes, but we recommend using silicone earplugs as these are the best protection for sensitive ears.  We do provide foam earplugs (at no additional cost) to every floater and recommend that these be put in the ears before rinsing in the shower prior to the float.

Does my hair have to get wet?
Yes, it is impossible to keep it 100% dry, even with a swim cap (we have tried!).  Floating decreases the life of glued-in hair extensions; it is similar to swimming in the ocean. 

What if I have to go to the bathroom?
We recommend you use the restroom before entering your float room.  If you must use the restroom during your float, please use the bathroom robe provided for you and exit your float room, shut your door behind you, and proceed to the bathroom.  We ask that you rinse off again before re-entering the float pod.

Can I wear jewelry during my float?
It is recommended that all jewelry be taken off beforehand.  Gold jewelry or stainless steel jewelry will be ok however there may be salt residue on any stones on the ring.   Any costume jewelry with mixed alloy or silver may tarnish due to the concentration of salt.  We are not responsible for any damaged jewelry.

Will the salt burn my skin?
The salt will not burn your skin.  If you happen to get the salt water in your eyes, they may sting.  We recommend not shaving or waxing the morning of a float, any tiny cut to your skin may be irritated in the salt water.  We also recommend that you wait at least 48 hours after your Brazilian wax to allow your skin to recover before floating.  Any bit of stinging you may experience from the salt water will subside, the initial shock is always the worst.

Is the water clean?
Yes! Eight hundred pounds of Epsom salt, a natural sterilizing agent, is dissolved into only 11 inches of water.  (It is saltier than the Dead Sea).  The entire pod of water is filtered three times between float sessions.  In addition, the water is treated with hydrogen peroxide during the filtration cycle, and the pod shell is disinfected between floats by our staff.

Are there age restrictions?
Anyone under the age of 18 will need parental consent.  We require that the parent has floated with us first, has signed the waiver and is present for the duration of the float (in the lobby).  We do not allow children under the age of 13 to float.  There is no maximum age, as long as one is capable of entering and exiting the float pod on their own.  Our staff is not permitted to lift our guests in and out of the float pods, and it is recommended that if a guest requires assistance that they bring a family member to help them.



What is Cryotherapy?
Cryotherapy is a procedure that exposes the body to temperatures colder than -200 degrees F for up to 3 minutes.  The cold temperatures alleviate muscle and joint pain by reducing inflammation and releases endorphins that boost energy levels.

How cold is Cryotherapy?
Cryotherapy involves temperatures between -200 degrees c and -270 degrees c; the body skin temperature can get as low as 30 degrees.

Is it safe?
Cryotherapy is administered by a trained technician and lasts less than 3 minutes.  This treatment should not be used by pregnant women or people with various health conditions including severe hypertension and various heart problems.

How long is a session?
One session lasts at the most 3 minutes.  At any point during the treatment, you can end it and exit the Cryo sauna.

Can I get out at any time?
Yes, at any point during the treatment our technician can end it, and you can exit the cryo sauna.

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