Expecting a baby is one of the most joyful and exciting times of your life and brings about many changes. The physical changes to your body can sometimes be challenging, aching back, swollen feet, lack of sleep, and stress, to name just a few. Float therapy at Arctic Wellness Cryo and Float can help to alleviate many of these not so joyful symptoms. 

Relief from Back Pain

During a healthy pregnancy, women typically gain an average of 30 pounds. That is a lot of extra weight for the spine to carry, and that can put pressure on the blood vessels and nerves in the back and pelvis. The extra weight also changes your center of gravity, which changes your posture causing additional stress on the spine. Float therapy is a great way to get relief from all the back pain caused during pregnancy. Because floating creates a weightless environment, there is no pressure on the spine or pelvis. The relief from the strain on the body gives time for your muscles to relax and regenerate.

Reduces Swelling and Inflammation

The combination of hormonal changes and fluid retention will cause many pregnant women to complain of swollen feet. Some women report their feet grow a whole shoe size when pregnant. Add swollen feet to the pain from the back and pelvis and that is a lot of discomfort. The water used in floatation therapy has magnesium and sulfate which both have anti-inflammatory properties that can be absorbed through the skin. The relaxing time spent in the weightless environment, with the anti-inflammatory minerals gives immense relief to the discomfort from swollen feet and any inflammation throughout the whole body. Women are told to increase their magnesium intake during pregnancy because of the many overall body functions impacted by magnesium, so floating helps them meet their recommended intake needs.

Best Sleep Ever

Many pregnant women report that during flotation they get the best sleep they have had throughout their whole pregnancy. Babies in the womb tend to move the most when mom is sleeping, they push back against the pressure coming from all sides when mom is laying down. All that pushing and kicking means mom gets very little sleep. Add to that the pressure on your lungs and ribs when you lay down and breathing can be a challenge when you are trying to sleep. The weightless environment created during floatation at Arctic Wellness Cryo and Float is ideal for baby and mom. Baby gets the chance to relax and float in an environment where nothing is pushing against him or her, which means no kicking and pushing. Mom gets to relax with no pressure on her spine, lungs, ribs, no baby movements, and complete peace and quiet. Studies show one hour of floatation therapy is equivalent to 4-6 hours of deep rest so get ready for the best sleep ever during pregnancy!

Relief from Stress

Having a baby can be a very stressful time. The physical changes to the body alone create stress on the body, but there is also emotional stress. The worry about being a good parent, the concern for baby’s health, there are numerous thoughts running through the brain of a pregnant woman that cause stress. One hour in complete isolation allows your body and mind both to let go and relax. Research also shows that stress levels during pregnancy can impact the development of an infant, so floating also helps to prepare baby for healthy development because it lowers mom’s stress levels.

The Mirror Effect

Many people say that floatation therapy is like floating in a womb, weightless and quiet. Pregnant moms say that floating in a womb-like environment while their baby floats in their womb creates a bonding experience that deepens their connection with their baby. In the floatation community this womb within a womb is known as the “mirror effect”. Come deepen your spiritual and emotional connection with your baby at Arctic Wellness Cryo and Float.


There are many benefits to floatation therapy at Arctic Wellness Cryo and Float during pregnancy. Come relax and enjoy some stress-free bonding time with your baby. Talk to your doctor and schedule your first float today!

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