5 Reasons Why To Float While Pregnant!

  1. Positively Impacts Your Baby

Magnesium has been shown to improve the growth and circulation of the fetus. It can also help promote better sleep and wake cycles for newborns. Furthermore, magnesium can decrease the risk of cerebral palsy in babies with mothers at risk of preterm labor. Floating also allows for an safe space that nurtures intense bonding between mother and baby.

  1. Aids with Delivery

Magnesium supplementation can help prevent preterm labor by reducing premature contractions. Magnesium lowers calcium levels in uterine muscle cells, which relaxes the uterine muscles, thus preventing these premature contractions.

  1. Improves Sleep

Float therapy promotes a deeper more restful sleep and helps manage melatonin levels.

  1. Weightless Relief

One of the primary reasons that pregnant women love floating – it is a great opportunity to gain relief from the pull of gravity. During pregnancy, the growing belly causes inevitable strain, especially on the back. Sadly, most pregnant women are unable to find any relief for their discomfort. Float therapy offers the sensation of weightlessness and being in a zero-gravity environment allows the joints to relax and heal.

  1. A Break From Stress

Both before and after giving birth, it is essential for mothers to avoid stress. Stress during pregnancy can be harmful to the baby, and postnatal stress only serves to make the mother’s life feel overwhelming. Both prenatal and postnatal floating can be influential in controlling these often-debilitating stress levels. Additionally, floating can be used as a preventative measure/treatment for postpartum depression.

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