In the last twenty years there has been a major climb in the rate of people who commit suicide. Over 50% of the people who committed suicide suffered from a form of major depressive disorder. With depression many people also suffered from anxiety, high stress levels, a form of addiction (drugs and/or alcohol) and sometimes were healing from a form of trauma. Floating can help treat all of these symptoms especially when paired with therapy from a therapist.

  • Floating can help manage depression because while floating it is a completely safe space for the client to connect with their inner self. Connecting in this way is very similar to meditation but in a more controlled environment with little to no stimulation.
  • Floating reduces anxiety and stress by allowing the brain to go into the theta brain wave state which allows the body to stop producing cortisol and lower the levels already inside the body.
  • Regularly floating can help addiction because during a float a session the body produces dopamine which helps individuals overcome the pain they are suffering from that started the addiction.
  • Floating helps people working through traumas not only because of the dopamine release given during a float session but also many patients come out of the float pods with the immense feeling of calm. A randomized trial was done on float therapy, afterwards most participants felt an overwhelming sense of optimism.

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