What type of cryo client are you?!

The first thing most people think when they learn what cryotherapy is for the first time is “who is crazy enough to do that?!” Turns out, a large population! Our clients range from age 12 to 83.

So what exactly is so intriguing about sub zero temperatures? Well, it’s the long list of benefits! (Duh!) Improved circulation, metabolism boost, mood and energy boost, reduced feelings of stress and worry, feeling invigorated immediately after, reduced muscle fatigue, supporting injury recovery, reduced migraine symptoms, improved quality of sleep, and reduced chronic pain. So, who are these people doing cryo and why are they doing it?!

(First and foremost, we are not providing medical advice, and this is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice!)

To keep it simple, we’ve categorized the 3 most typical types of people who walk in our doors asking for cryo!

1. The health guru who’s wellness is top priority! They are the elite in biohacking and practice preventive care, while managing their nutrition and exercise regime with precise mindfulness! With blood pressures and heart rates that would make many envious, they want natural, they want holistic.

2. The sick and tired, who are sick of being tired and tired of being sick. They have aches and pains, they have struggles with mood disorders, they are exhausted, they have injuries and fatigued muscles! They just want improvements to their health and are willing and eager! We hear all too often “I hate taking Advil” or “I hate popping pills”, and “I want to feel better”. They want relief, they want results, and they will try new things if it means they can experience improvement. Then, there is the third type;

3. The Fun factor crowd! These people typically have a serious case of FMO, and are totally game for a thrill. They either return as a #2 type with an injury, or turn into a #1 type with a newfound passion for optimal wellness.

Which ever type you may relate to, cryotherapy is a holistic option, available 7 days a week. We recommend 10 back to back treatments to obtain maximum benefits, followed by maintenance sessions of at least once a week.

So what do you think? Have you ever wanted to try cryotherapy? What type of client would you be?

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